It started in 1990, when the 28-year-old Manmohan Singh came to Denmark, to be head chef of an Indian restaurant. Manmohan Singh has worked for a variety of Indian restaurants in Copenhagen. But unfortunately, many of the “Indian” restaurants in Copenhagen are not as Indian as they promise.

This seems to Manmohan to be a shame as the guests didn’t get to experience the food, as in India. He got the idea to open a real Indian restaurant and give the guests the true experience of what it means to eat Indian food. Manmohan Singh is not only a qualified chef, but the Singh family has for several generations made food and served the royal house in Patiala, Punjab.

Therefore, the Singh family cook their food from their heart. The first Deep restaurant was opened in January 2007 at Vesterbrogade 89. Deep’s concept was formed on the basis of the Indian culture. All the things that are adorned in Deep’s restaurants is inspired by India’s festivals, traditions and colors. From the small birds in the windows to carved shining candles in the room, everything is handmade. Deep restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and lots of inspiration from India.

Deep at Vesterbrogade quickly became a big hit among the locals and tourists, therefore, it was decided to expand the business to another restaurant at Amagerbrogade 16, which was open in April 2015.

All Deep is owned by Manmohan Singh and they are run by the Singh family, so you will find the same patterns and tastes in the food and service.


Deep Restaurant server’s north Indian food, as the north Indian cuisine is well known and very popular all around the world. The north Indian cuisine is a part of the northern Indian which includes Indian stats Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The curries, spices, bread and rice which you have eaten in the western world is inspired by the north Indian cuisine.

India is a big country and the variety of food is very different from which part of india you are in. The Singh family is from the northern part of India and we have lived and cooked the north Indian food for generations, we make what we have knowledge and what we know best.

Deep India Amager

Amaggerbrogade 16, 2300 København S
Phone: 0045-32543888

Deep India Vesterbro

Vesterbrogade 89, 1620 København V
Phone: 0045-35393838